Happy Mother’s Day

To all the amazing moms in my life who are celebrating today, I wish you lots of love and happiness with your families (and some time to sleep for the new moms out there). Thanks for being such an inspiration. You’ve set me massive shoes to fill, and I only hope I can manage motherhood with the same grace, humour and patience that I see in you every day.

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I’ll cut this short before the hormones kick in and make me weepy, but same goes to my girls here in London who celebrated a few weeks back. You’ve been a huge support and a second family to me over the last few years. I’m so grateful to have you nearby, and feel lucky that our children will grow up together (and that we’ll be on maternity leave together!)

Mushy stuff out of the way, I thought I’d share the Whats Up Moms YouTube channel I found a few weeks back – absolutely love the honest and upbeat take on being a parent. Click the link above, and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. How sweet of you! Hope your “first Mother’s Day” is happy! Love you, miss you, take care and get that nap in!

  2. Her version of motherhood is pretty much spot on. No time to breathe. Not sure how I survived three of you…jk lol …

    1. I don’t know how you survived us either!!! 😉

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