Good mornings

I am NOT a morning person. Never have been. But for whatever reason this morning, I woke up to feed the cats at 530 and actually felt awake. Not just awake, but well rested. Maybe it’s being off the booze or home from work before 7pm and in bed by 10, or maybe it’s just the hormones. Either way, I’m grateful I was able to wake up with the gorgeous spring sun, have breakfast, actually drink my entire cup of tea at a normal pace, do 10 minutes of yoga, shower and put on makeup before I left the house. I even wrote this blog on the train and made it to work early. I normally barely fit all those things into a day – let alone the first few hours of the day.


What are your morning routines? Are you a ‘stay in bed as long as possible’ person, or do you get up early to have some time to yourself before work? Anything you do to keep your morning routine both efficient and also relaxing? I’m sure when 3pm rolls around I’ll be wanting a nap at my desk, but for now I’m feeling happy, calm and ready to take on the day. Hope you are too! Wishing everyone a productive and sunny Wednesday.


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