The Weekly Crave: Stylish Magazine Storage

Happy weekend everyone! I’m a few days late on this, but with the sun making a sudden appearance in London, I’ve been doing all I can to get out and soak up the vitamin D (midwife’s orders). Plus I had yesterday off work, which I spent catching up with a friend over a long lunch and a much-needed pedicure. Enough excuses though, on to this week’s crave.

In addition to my sudden obsession with oranges (not clementines – big, juicy, gorgeous oranges) and lemon sorbet, I’m also lusting after a cool way to store all my back issues of magazines. In spite of giving an armload to a friend who’s just bought a new home, I still seem to have a bookcase cubby filled with them – not to mention, several partially-read issues stacked on my bedside table.

With all the amazing photography and editorial content that goes into creating these, I hate just tossing them into recycling. I also often flip back through old issues when looking for fresh inspiration – usually one magazine will have about twenty different things in it that I love.

So with my head already turning to smart storage solutions that will give us even more space than we currently have, I’m on the hunt for a cool magazine rack that will not take up much room on the floor, and will serve as a nice detail in our living room. Here’s a few I tracked down on Pinterest, so looks like I’m back to eBay to see if I can source any cool vintage ones. Either that or I’ll commission my friend to make me a leather one like my second image below. (By the way, all the images featured in this series can be found on my new Weekly Crave pinterest board, with their links to original sources)

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What about you guys – what do you do to free up space without having to always resort to a big purge? I’d love to hear. Wishing everyone an amazing couple of days!


2 thoughts on “The Weekly Crave: Stylish Magazine Storage

  1. My friend changed her living room into modern transitional, very cool, minimal and gorgeous! She was looking for a magazine rack and finally found a large, sturdy and interesting wire basket that fit right in with her new look. It allowed some of the color of the mags to show through and was less bulky than a wooden rack.

    The last rack shown above looks like it could be a mini wine rack/bar with the bottles stored stacked sideways and the shelf used for an opener and a couple glasses.

  2. I use an old mag rack made out of wood turned sideways so the mags show forward, with a marble tile laid on top, for a side table near a chair. It serves dual purpose this way and takes up a small space.

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