Introducing Lovely Pigeon

Hi guys. Since I last posted, we had Clerkenwell Design Week, where East London was filled with amazing designers and businesses sharing their latest work. One of my favourite finds (and a strong contender for nursery artwork) is this little company – Lovely Pigeon.

Run by designer & illustrator Kirsty Thomas, the range includes everything from jewellery to stationary to gorgeous prints. Her bold use of colour, simple graphic style and mix of textures is what really caught my eye, and I think these prints would be right at home in our nursery. I would also happily feature them in our main room, as I think they’re the perfect balance of sophisticated and fun.

Lovely Pigeon Lovely Pigeon

Especially if we manage to find a Calder-inspired baby mobile like these original pieces I’ve been adding to my Pinterest board. If anyone has any suggestions on where to look, I’d really appreciate it!

6 4 Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 18.39.50

Head over to her website for more information or to have a browse. New prints are being uploaded soon, so keep an eye out for them! x


1 thought on “Introducing Lovely Pigeon

  1. Maybe you could make one to your liking…

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