Nursery Plans

Hi everyone, and welcome to another week. We had an exciting end to last week, that I thought I’d share. Looks like we’ve got a little girl joining our family in October, if the next 19 weeks go well!

After finding out the gender, we did what many parents do and decided to look at options for our nursery. And were seriously surprised at just how much PINK still reigns in the baby girl section of the shop. I’ve got nothing against pink – in fact I seem to be wearing a lot of it at the moment. I just don’t want to force it on my daughter. Nor do I want to end up with the traditional unisex yellows, greys and greens. So I took to Pinterest and found a few of my favourite nurseries and accessories that I’ll be drawing inspiration from over the coming weeks. To see these and more, just head over to my Pinterest page by clicking here

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I’m loving a combination of old wood and sleek white to keep the room from feeling to ‘matched’. This aesthetic will fit better with the rest of our flat, which is a mix of vintage and modern pieces. I also am really drawn towards geometric patterns, a mix of soft and bright colours, and some fun animals which again fits right into the rest of our home.

No matter what we do, we want to make sure the nursery still has whimsical touches, and feels very much like a child’s room but without being too over the top girly. We’re even thinking about asking one of our favourite artists to do a bespoke print with her name, just to carry on our typography obsession. But before we hit the button on that, we want to make sure we aren’t going to change our minds on the name, so might be an ‘after addition’ to the room. I’ll let you know what happens on that front.

As it’s just the start, we’re not really making any decisions just yet but it is fun to start thinking about this growing bump as a proper little person. What about you guys – any tips for creating a great space for little girls? I’d love to see what you’ve come up with! Wishing everyone a great start to the week.


1 thought on “Nursery Plans

  1. I just found a shop this morning up the street that is gently used children’s items. They were closed at the time, so I am going to stop in soon and see what’s what. I noticed a lot of elephants in your photos above. Sorry we pushed lace, ruffles and so much pink on you lol 🙂

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