The Great Kitchen Gutting of 2014

Our kitchen overhaul started a bit earlier than expected. We have work scheduled for July so that even with delays, everything will be finished in plenty of time before baby H arrives. But I awoke on Sunday to find that the 15 year old silver beast of a fridge we inherited when we bought this flat had decided to revolt. The still-working digital thermometer told us that the entire unit had heated up to 26 degrees over night (that’s celsius – so about 78 Fahrenheit for any American readers) slow cooking everything inside to a lovely luke-warm mess. Including the yoghurt, eggs and milk I’d bought for breakfast the night before – I was not a happy pregnant lady. With our weekly shopping due to arrive in a few hours, we had to run out and buy a little fridge to hold us over. Luckily we got a bargain on an end-of-line floor display at the Curry’s up the road. Easiest sale the guy has ever made, and since we already have a fridge on order we will be selling him on when everything is finished.

The good news is that this temporary fix has helped both of us embrace and visualise what the space will look like when it’s finished – and we’re seriously excited. We knew we wanted to maximise counter space, so planned for both our fridge and freezer to fit behind cupboards, underneath the counter. After Liam wrestled the beast out of the flat and down the stairs, we cleaned out all the food and dust that had built up over the years (seriously, ew. From now on I will clean under the fridge at least once a year) and put our little make-shift guy in its place. It doesn’t look great now – nothing in there does – but already the room feels so much bigger without a huge hunk of silver sitting there. I just can’t wait until the giant 6-range cooker is gone, and our microwave is mounted off the counter.

DSC_0002 DSC_0005

So we have a few final things to do – including purchasing paint and picking our backsplash tiles. Liam is in the subway camp, and I love the texture of penny and hexagon tile, like this gorgeous example I found on Pinterest.




I need to double check on demolition dumpsters and start listing the appliances on Gumtree. And we’ll be replacing our makeshift IKEA stools with some sweet vintage Tolix like these, which I need to source – preferably in red but we’re considering yellow and blue too so that it ties in with our living room.



So still a long ways to go but this little unexpected blip has us both in the zone and counting down the days until we can say goodbye to this mess. I mean, just having doors on our cabinets and an oven I don’t have to light with a match will be enough to have me dancing in circles. If you want to see our full plans, you can check them out here. Otherwise, be sure to check back to see our final decisions and the big reveal! Any words of wisdom you want to send our way? We’d love to hear!


1 thought on “The Great Kitchen Gutting of 2014

  1. I love the pop of color from the stools!

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