Weekly Crave: Kitchen Appliances

This post was supposed to go on Friday, but I got a little waylaid with a few things at work so apologies it’s a bit late!

One of the things we promised one another we would do when the kitchen is finished, is to replace our key appliances with proper grown-up ones. When we first moved in together, my husband’s parents kindly kitted out our kitchen with whatever we needed. 7 years later, some of those first buys are on their last legs. So this week I’ve been distracting my sweet-tooth with some electronics shopping. Our microwave will be mounted and built into a cabinet on the wall, which will free up  a lot of counter space. Our oven, freezer, and fridge are all also being hidden behind cabinets underneath the worktops. So we’re going for a pretty minimal look, with only a few things out on display, and we want those to be a bit special.

One of the focal points in the kitchen will be our coffee station. When we first started dating, Liam wasn’t into coffee at all, but like a good American I had a strong Starbucks habit, which I eventually passed onto him. Now we make our own coffee at home on the weekend. I’m not really a fan of Nespresso machines – the gadgetry is nice but I far prefer freshly ground coffee from our local coffee shop to the little pods. So for me, it’s all about a proper ‘bean to cup’ machine. One with a timer on it is even better, so that when we’re bleary eyed with lack of sleep, there’s a caffeine hit ready and waiting for us. Besides, what’s better than waking up to the smell of freshly ground and roasted coffee? Here are two of my favourites from John Lewis:

Seico HD8750 Intuita
Seico HD8750 Intuita
Cuisinart DG8900BCU Grind and Brew
Cuisinart DG8900BCU Grind and Brew

The other investment we’ll be making is in a toaster. Even before the pregnancy, peanut butter toast was one of my go-to snacks – in the last 25 weeks, it’s turned into one of my daily meals. Our little £10 bargain has served us well, but it’s beginning to scald the bread on one side, leaving it lightly cooked on the other. (Don’t worry mom, we unplug it every time we’re finished using it so there’s no risk of a kitchen fire). At work we have a bank of Dualits, which perfectly brown the outside but leave the inside of the bread soft and chewy. I love the iconic design, and the fact that they’re still manufactured here in the UK. So even though they’re pricier than I would like, I would love to pick up a similar one for our home.

Dualit Architect Toaster
Dualit Architect Toaster



Dualit Toaster
Dualit Toaster

The jury is still out on whether I’ll be investing in a food processor – maybe with a little one around my baking will take back off. But the coffee machine and the toaster are our key items that we couldn’t get along without. What are your ‘must-have’ kitchen appliances? Anything that you’ve found makes life far easier with a child? And if you have any recommendations on ‘bean to cup’ coffee machines, me and my caffeine-deprived self are all ears.

Wishing you all a great, relaxing Sunday and a fantastic start to the week! xx


4 thoughts on “Weekly Crave: Kitchen Appliances

  1. For me it was the kettle! You’ll need a lot of cooled boiled water, e.g. for wiping little sticky eyes etc., and later useful for making up formula and weaning. If we had needed a new kettle (I was secretly hoping for ours to break down but hasn’t happened…) I would have loved to have the KitchenAid Artisan kettle, it has a temperature gauge so you know immediately once it’s cooled down to perfect temperature. Plus it looks great. http://www.johnlewis.com/kitchenaid-artisan-kettle/p429644

    1. I hadn’t even thought of the kettle and I use that ALL the time without even thinking. One to add to the list – thanks!

  2. Life easier with a child? That oxymoron cannot be answered, LOL. I opted out for a French Press which is the size of a cup in diameter and can be stored in the cupboard, and a small bean grinder.

    My food processor comes in handy, but I find I use it a few times a year. Everything else is done with smaller appliances or by hand. A coffee bean grinder might second as a food processor for small amounts for baby so if you have a grinder, try processing something to see what you think.

    Re the toaster, it caused the fire at my friend’s house because they used it under the cupboard for multiple toasts (4 boys and lots of toast), causing the cupboard wood to overheat and ignite. It works most safely in an open area, not under something. Those toasters are lovely, love the red one for color, but love the steel one for your industrial look. (I store mine in a cupboard now to free the counter as it is not used all the time.)

  3. I bake frequently, so I love the Kitchen Aid mixer that was passed down to me from my Grandma! I also want to buy a great immersion blender. Smooth soups with less mess and so much more really than pouring into a standing blender. Plus, they are small.

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