Personal Pet Art DIY from A Beautiful Mess

I don’t often re-blog other people’s articles, but this easy DIY on A Beautiful Mess (a seriously great lifestyle blog written by Elsie and Emma – check it out by clicking here) popped up in my Bloglovin’ feed and I had to share it.

If you’re on here often, you might have met Ollie & Daisy – our two Norwegian Forest cats.


We got Ollie first when he was six months old, and Daisy joined our home three months later. In the last two years, we’ve taken a ‘few’ (erm… thousands of) photos of these little pickles, and I’ve printed and framed some of our favourites for our bookcase and photo wall. I love having personal photos mounted, framed and mixed in with prints and canvases, but even I know when we have too many photos of our cats around. So this little twist on a pet portrait is the perfect nod to one of my favourite artists, and hopefully makes more of a ‘cool cat lover’ than ‘crazy cat lady’ statement.

Photo source: A Beautiful Mess (
Photo source: A Beautiful Mess (

For full details on how to create your own Warhol-inspired piece of art, head over to the original post here – I was really surprised by how easy this looks. Once we get around to making our own (it might even feature in our nursery) I’ll be sure to report back on how easy or difficult my clumsy fingers found it.

Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for the Monday inspiration! Hope everyone is having a great start to the week.



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