Change of a Dresser

Happy Friday to everyone – we’ve made it to the end of the week! And those of you who are off today for the 4th, I hope you’re enjoying lots of sun and bbq. I’m jealous as I sit here at my desk, looking at the gorgeous blue skies outside.

I thought I’d update you on an actual purchase we’ve made, which is somewhat related to our nursery planning. Since we moved into our flat, we’ve been struggling a bit with clothes storage – apparently the Brits don’t believe in built-in closets. Or at least not the Brits that built our place! We’ve been making do with a mid-century vintage dresser, a clothes rack and a little wardrobe. The dresser would be great for one person’s belongings, but doesn’t quite fit the foldables of two people.

So when we started looking at nursery furniture, I suddenly realised that our tiny antique dresser would be perfect for our little bean – it’s the right height for a changing table, fits perfectly into the back bedroom, and will give us more than enough space to stow away her tiny clothes. Which means we can upgrade our dresser, and maximise space in our bedroom.

We had a fast look around last night, and landed on this beauty from Loaf. Handmade, slightly distressed, and very much Scandinavian with just a hint of detailing. Ludo will join our home this summer, and we can’t wait.

Ludo Loaf – The Ludo

At 100cm wide and 45cm deep and 95cm tall, we are effectively gaining an additional drawer in height and half a drawer in width, which should be perfect without completely taking over our bedroom.

Now we just need to decide how to refinish our vintage baby. What would you do – keep the solid wood? Add some pattern? Paint it white? I’d love to hear your suggestions! As you’ll see from my pins below, my head is all over the place – everything from white to a bold colour to a fun, child-friendly illustration. Can I blame hormones for indecision?

1 4 3 2

All these images can be found on my Pinterest board by clicking directly on the photo or here.

Thanks for reading, and happy weekend all! x



2 thoughts on “Change of a Dresser

  1. Because you have a patterned rug, maybe a solid color would balance the best. Maybe the tangerine will show up again…

  2. I would go with a bright and cheerful color. That is my favorite in a baby room 🙂

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