Kitchen Update: Work (finally!!) begins

Kitchen work has officially started! It’s been a bit quiet on here this last week as we sorted out final details. But demolition starts (and finishes) today, and everything arrives tomorrow for installation.

Our last bits that needed sorting included selecting and buying tiles for our backsplash, finalising our paint choices and buying that, and then of course gutting the kitchen and setting up our little temporary food spot in the back room. I will spare you pictures of our nursery / storage space / temporary kitchen, as it’s a mess. But I don’t care – it will be so amazing NOT to have to look at this ever again.



With tiles, we ended up going for oversized white subway tiles with black grout to keep our industrial vibe going. They will run along the right and back wall, but not the side with the breakfast bar. We’re keeping the walls white as well so that it flows nicely into our living room (which is white) and will make for easy selling / renting, should we decide we’ve outgrown the place in a few years time. If you want to see our plans for the kitchen, check out this post by clicking here.

Our kitchen and everything should arrive from Howden’s tomorrow, along with our tiles. We ended up ordering from instead of Topps Tiles, as they were literally half price, and some friends recommended them. I’ll let you know what we think in a follow up post.

As prep, we cleared everything from the kitchen and gave it  good clean. While most people probably wouldn’t bother, I wanted to minimise the mess that would be tracked through our house as removal happened.  Blame nesting, but seems to have helped a lot.

As I speak, rubbish is being carted out. We’ve got someone on their way to disconnect and collect our massive cooker. Rather than pay £100+ for the privilege of removing our rubbish for us, I simply posted an add on Gumtree saying it was free for collection, and within five minutes had three takers. (I heart the internet).

I’ll be posting pictures of progress throughout the week, just so you can see what’s happening, and any problems we run into along the way.

First lesson: agree who is clearing the rubbish. Our builder kindly offered to have his friend come down and collect but then never followed up in securing him, so I’ve spent the morning calling around for quotes. We knew we wouldn’t have enough to warrant getting a skip, so never bothered with that. In the end, we’ll be using our council and Gumtree to get rid of what we need to get rid of. I’ll let you know what the final tally is.

That’s it for now – hope everyone had a great weekend, and wishing you a lovely start to the week.


1 thought on “Kitchen Update: Work (finally!!) begins

  1. This is so exciting. I love before and after photos of projects like this. I like to see the creativity of someone and the clever ways they change a space from bland or ugly to chic and very useable. A white kitchen feels fresh and clean so I am sure you will be happy with your choices. The black grout in white tiles will give some pattern and interest and I can’t wait to see the outcome of that.

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