Kitchen Update: Day 2

So demo went as planned yesterday, and within a morning our kitchen was completely empty. And we were completely excited.


The demo revealed original farmhouse floors – amazing, but not amazing enough to warrant us taking up the wooden floors that are over the top.


After a quick hoover to pick up as much dust as possible and a scrub of the wall (for some strange reason they applied the backsplash directly over a whole lotta grease and oil – disgusting) we were finished for the day. Liam and our builder ran all the debris outside and a removal van picked it up by 4pm. As for our appliances, those went within minutes on Gumtree once I posted them under the ‘Freebies’ section. Which saved us money in the long-run, as a lot of the junk collectors will charge by the weight as well as volume. Our old Miele washing machine probably weighed as much as all the MDF we piled in the back of the van.

Today is all about deliveries and hopefully getting going. Our builder is arriving bright and early (8am – no lazy mornings for me this week) and the kitchen should arrive sometime soon after. The units are all pre-built, so the most difficult thing will be getting them up the stairs and into the flat. Luckily none of the units are both wide and tall – they tend to either be one or the other, so we should be fine. We were already woken up by our tile delivery from and I’m beyond excited to see these puppies up on the wall with some sexy black grout in between. (Yes – sexy is a term that can apply to grout).



With our kitchen opening directly onto our front room, we’ve taken some precautions to protect our upholstered furniture from the dust, which seems to be working pretty well so far. Yesterday was far less messy than I was anticipating, which made both Liam and I very happy. But better safe than sorry.


In other news it looks like I’m iron deficient, so I’m off to the doctor to get some iron tablets for me and this growing bump. Liam will be holding down the delivery fort while I’m away for a little bit. But the little girl is definitely growing, we start our NCT classes tonight, and I hit 30 weeks on Sunday.


Off to let the delivery men in – another update tomorrow! And if you want to keep up with posts on Instagram, you can find me under annahamill6



2 thoughts on “Kitchen Update: Day 2

  1. I’m probably wrong about this, but the old wood floor may have been an underlay for the proper floor, and that doesn’t require finished wood. It certainly looks good and strong. The new cupboards look very, very nice! Won’t it be nice and bright in your kitchen =)

  2. Loving the updates! Great to see your kitchen empty; really brings into perspective how bad the previous layout was!

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