Kitchen Update: Day 3

One step ahead, and one step back seems to be how these things go – at least in Victorian conversions. Yesterday flew by with the delivery in the morning, and framing out the back wall in the afternoon. The poor boys had to cart everything up a flight of stairs. Good thing that Liam has been doing Cross Fit, or else I don’t know how we would have gotten everything in. This isn’t even the full delivery!


This morning our builder started looking at the electrics and found that the wiring had been pretty shoddily done back when the house was converted into flats, and would need an overhaul. In the UK you need to have a separate control switch for ovens, and ours had been wired directly into a normal socket with the rest of the appliances. This is only one example of how badly everything was done. Amazing there was never a fire. Luckily, this is in his skill set, so no need to get an additional electrician out. (whew)

At the start of today, our kitchen looked like this.


Over the course of today, we have made a few last minute tweaks – always the case once you have everything in and see it taking shape. We’re sending back a little five-bottle built-in wine rack that we thought we needed to fill space – turns out our Victorian walls are wonky enough (as you can see in the photo above) that it won’t quite fit. However, it does mean we have enough room to upgrade the large cabinet on the right from 500ml wide to 600ml which will give us a great ‘cupboard’ to stash things when we’re not using them. (No more washing racks stored under the bed – hurrah!). And everything else will flow seamlessly together from wall to wall. So for us, this is a very happy adjustment to our plans.


We’ve also decided to replace this wall with some fresh plasterboard. To be honest, the wall itself is so knackered that it’s a must-do, and will make the tiling go much easier. In some places, it’s so patched that it’s literally crumbling when it’s touched, now that the tiles have been removed.

On the other side of the room, we’ve decided to move the breakfast bar back along its wall to give a greater feeling of space when you enter the kitchen. And we’re not going ahead with the four cabinets above the breakfast bar, so that it will feel really open. Now that I’ve seen the room with everything out of it, I’m loving the height and really don’t want to close it down with too much clutter. So those are going back to Howdens, and we’re already brainstorming art to hang there. The money we save on the cabinets will also go towards the coffee machine, which will sit on the right-hand side of the bar above the drawers. And to be honest, with all the floor to ceiling units, we have more than enough storage without these in the mix. I can’t wait to sit there and write with my coffee next to me. That is, if the little one ever gives me time to sit and write!


So that’s our update for today! All the units should be installed by the end of this week. Worktops arrive on Saturday and will be fitted first thing Monday, which then means the sink can move from the hallway to its rightful place, and we can stop washing cups and plates in the bathroom. (small pleasures).

Back tomorrow to share more progress!


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