Kitchen Update: Day 5

I’m back at work this week, so about to head off home and see how Day 6 has gone! I can’t wait to walk through the door. But first, here’s where we ended last week. Our hardwood counter tops arrived (hurrah!!) They still need to be cut and fitted, but just seeing them in person makes me very happy. At the suggestion of my very clever mother, we’ve asked our builder to save the extra wood so that we can turn the spare pieces into cutting boards. Nice, right?

Our little breakfast bar is taking shape, and we’re thrilled with how it’s working. Now that it’s in, we are finalising our plans for bar stools and artwork.



Our wiring is finished and the new wall is up. I couldn’t believe what a difference that made – especially with the microwave mounted off the countertops.







AND this is the start of the view you get when you look in from the living room. Still loads of space for us to move around, but so much workspace to play with as well that we can’t believe how much larger and more functional it feels.


Will definitely share each day’s progress again this week – in theory we will have a ‘working’ kitchen by the end of the day on Wednesday. Fingers crossed the complications are all behind us, and from here forward it’s smooth sailing.



5 thoughts on “Kitchen Update: Day 5

  1. As one who was without a kitchen for 6 months, you must be so excited. It’s looking good. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    1. Oh my goodness – how did you survive six months?? I feel even luckier now.

  2. This is just amazing! It is so much larger looking, and if I remember right, the old stove stood out into the room a few inches making it seem even more narrow. The fresh wall is wonderful, and the bar area gives you a great amount of work space if needed. I can’t wait to see the sink and works there, the tile, etc. Lucky girl, you are = )

  3. The lady who lived there before you would be so amazed at what you two have done. I bet she would love to have this kitchen which makes you wonder why people wait to update things and put up with worn out and broken cupboards, appliances, furniture.

    1. Wait til you see what he’s managed now. Doors are on and he’s tiling today! Nearly done. 🙂

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