Mini interruption

Earlier this week I fell quite Ill and literally spent all my time sleeping. Long story short, I ended up in the hospital for dehydration and a very
high temperature which was also causing the baby stress. They were talking about delivering her last night (at 30 weeks) but luckily my body and hers responded to antibiotics and managed to avoid an early arrival. I want to meet her but it’s not time just yet! So I’ll be back to kitchen updates (so much to share) and as soon as I’m back home (I’m writing this on my phone from my hospital bed). After the kitchen is finished, we’ll be getting ourselves into gear on the nursery. This whole experience made us realise she could come any time now really, so maybe its time to sort the cot and the car seat! 20140807-134358-49438221.jpg


2 thoughts on “Mini interruption

  1. Hope you get better soon!

    1. Thank you! Keeping everything crossed that they let me home today!

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