SWCarpentry & Simon Wilson – The Man Behind the Kitchen

I wanted to do a little feature on the man behind our kitchen transformation – Simon Wilson. He runs his own business SWCarpentry, which specialises in joinery but covers several other types of skills. We were lucky enough to find him through Howdens, and were so happy that I will never look for another person to do this type of work for us.

For a start, Simon is exacting in how he works. Even though our walls are definitely NOT straight, he pain-stakingly cut each cupboard and piece of wood to fit perfectly flush against them. He filled in floor boards that were missing (even though they won’t be seen later on – it will make it easier to pull appliances in and out should something go wrong) and rewired our entire kitchen when he saw how much of an unsafe mess it was. He’s also a problem solver, and a great communicator. At the end of every day, we ran through what had been completed and what was left to come. Anytime additional purchases were made, we were consulted and alerted, which helped keep us in budget. Any opportunity there was to improve the kitchen – like upgrading the size of the cabinets or building a little drawer for underneath our oven to store pots and pans – he would flag with us and give us the chance to decide. And he was as attentive to details as I was – swapping polished steel electrical sockets for brushed so that they would match all our appliances. Thinking about the best place for handles on cupboards and drawers so that the kitchen felt intuitive and uniform. On top of all this, he’s a lovely person to have around – polite, considerate and funny. He even humoured me with my black grout request, which is probably his least favourite thing in the world to do, but has been done to perfection. (that stuff seriously does get everywhere, and is a mess to work with! I’m sending the poor guy off on holiday with black fingernails)

I’m writing this post out of pure happiness with the job that’s been done; not because we’ve been given any kind of discount or deal in doing so. If you’re looking for someone and you’re based in London, I would hire Simon in a heartbeat. We certainly will again in the future, when we have more projects to undertake. Here’s a link to his MyBuilder profile, and if you want to find out more you can email him at swcarpentryandjoinery@live.co.uk

Kitchen is being decorated today and we’re so close that I figure I’ll give you the full reveal all at once. So hold tight – one more kitchen post to come!


4 thoughts on “SWCarpentry & Simon Wilson – The Man Behind the Kitchen

  1. Great to hear good new about a tradesman. Have you got any pictures to show? Would love to see your black grout on FB xxx MyBuilder.com has just made over two kitchens as prizes for Britain’s Worst Kitchen competition (see winners’ page: http://www.mybuilder.com/competitions/britains-worst-kitchen/winning-entry). It’s MUCH harder getting it right than it seems. Good people make it look easy! Kudos to SW Carpentry!!! xx

  2. Have clicked back through and can see pictures! Yay. Send us pics of the finished room and we’ll link to your blog on FB with them xxx

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