Kitchen Update: The Reveal

Hi everyone – happy Friday to you! It’s been exactly three weeks from start to finish, but our kitchen  is finally ready for the big reveal. It’s not fully accessorised yet, but we have plans for all of that which I’ll share as things arrive. 

The entire process came in on time and on budget, miraculously. That is completely down to our brilliant tradesman Simon Wilson, and his speedy decorator. (If you want to read about SW Carpentry, click here). It also definitely helped that I was at home, able to ask questions and make decisions in real time.

So without any further delay, here’s the finished product! 

Hope you like it – wishing everyone a great weekend! 



  1. Love it! When I went back and looked at the before pictures, I was even more blown away! Great details and an open, airy look.

      • What a before and after. From dark and disorderly (not due to you, just things everywhere because no place to put them) to light and clean-cut. WOW

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