(Not so) Little Ludo

In the midst of all the kitchen and hospital madness, I haven’t had a chance to mention the arrival of our new dresser from Loaf.com. Little Ludo is the latest addition to our home, and we adore him.

Ludo Dresser

As I mentioned before, we’ve been cramming all Liam’s folded clothes and a few of my bits into a vintage dresser we picked up from our favourite shop. It was time to admit defeat, and upgrade to something that would easily hold everything, and finish off our bedroom too.

We knew the wall we wanted it to go on, and measured twice to make sure it wouldn’t get in the way of our walking space. Ludo’s shape and size fit perfectly, but he’s certainly not small! We were surprised by just how much we were able to get into the drawers. I even have a place for important bits and pieces that have just been stashed in the top of my wardrobe.

Our old dresser has been moved to the future nursery, and is already filled with Baby H’s clothes. (No more shopping for us) And we’re officially loving our bedroom now. Everything has a place, and we’ve got a hand-made piece of wooden furniture that will definitely stick with us for life.


It’s worth saying, the guys from Loaf that delivered Ludo were brilliant. Without question, they marched our dresser upstairs and popped it in place, taking away all the packaging that it came in. Having spent much of my last three weeks begging delivery men to trek up one flight of stairs with whatever they were carrying, this was a really welcome bit of service. All followed up with a phone call to check that we were happy.

If you’re looking for a great spot to find some lovely furniture and accessories, definitely head over to Loaf.com – they’ve been amazing to work with from start to finish!


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