Newborn Session with Carla at Custard Cream Photography

Hi all! One month in (!!) and we’re starting to get into a sort of a routine, which is exciting and hopefully means I’ll be able to blog more regularly. While trying to find our feet, we did manage to squeeze into our newborn photography session with Carla at Custard Cream Photography. If you’ve been reading along, you’ll know I decided to do both a maternity session and a newborn session to mark our first baby. After all, who knows if we’ll have any more children – I wanted to remember the experience.

We decided to have the photos taken in our house rather than a studio, and went for lifestyle photography instead of more formal portraits to try and capture the first few days at home with our little girl. The session was amazing. Carla arrived and simply melted into the background. As we were still running with no schedule and ‘on demand’ feeding, I was so appreciative of the time and flexibility she gave to us. It helped us to relax and not worry about how much time was left or whether we’d gotten a good photo. We could just do our thing. As part of the package, Carla shoots both images and some video footage, which is used in a short video birth announcement. With a lot of our family and friends living outside of London, it’s great to be able to send something that includes both still and moving footage. Carla caught some great moments, including lots of little details (like how Freja clasps her hands when she’s relaxed and sleeping) and we love every single image.

To see the birth announcement, click here and for more information about Custard Cream Photography, check out Carla’s website by clicking here. Otherwise, here’s a few of our favourites! Hope you all are having a good week. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Newborn Session with Carla at Custard Cream Photography

    1. Thanks – we are really happy with them! 🙂

  1. Absolutely love all of them!

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