Christmas is coming…

It’s officially December! Which means the Christmas preparations can begin. We may have broken our own rule yesterday and started singing Freja Christmas songs before November ended, but we’re really looking forward to the holiday this year. My parents are coming to meet their newest granddaughter, our flat has a working kitchen, and I will actually have time to plan properly since I’m on maternity leave (normally December is the busy season at work and I’m lucky if I get anything done before the 20th). I’ve already started scoping out presents for friends and family and just wanted to share this book I found in Gently Elephant – our local children’s shop.


I am a huge advocate of buying books for children. When I was little, I was lucky to have a mother who read to me almost every night, even though she’d worked a full day, helped with homework, cooked dinner and kept the house from being a total bomb site. All I can think now is that she must have been exhausted. But because of her dedication to sitting down with us, I grew up loving reading, and still get excited about diving into a good book. Children now are so used to moving screens and amazing animations that I worry a simple 2D book will just be boring. BUT these scanimation books bring simple video motion to a book without a screen. Move the page, and the image moves too. For little ones who can’t read yet, this is great for holding their attention and getting them to interact with the pages. For older kids, the two things together make for a modern take on a classic gift.

I grew up loving Charlie Brown and Snoopy, so am excited to see these classic characters are still around. I am really looking forward to sharing them with Freja when she’s old enough, but for now will have to indulge my friends toddlers instead.

What’s on your Christmas list? Anything you’re buying for friends or children that you’d definitely recommend?


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