Happy Hive

Back when we had our kitchen done, our thermostat decided to stop working. It was old, and to be honest needed replacing anyways. We made do until the cold nights got unbearably cold, and we could no longer rely on manually blasting the heat for short periods of time. So we (er – Liam) did some research and decided to invest in either Nest or Hive rather than go for a cheap, standard thermostat. We ended up with Hive, and 100% love our decision.

There were three simple reasons we decided to go with Hive. First of all, the user interface and app got amazing reviews for the ease and intuitiveness. I understood how to use it within seconds. It even tells you the temperature outside so you can adjust accordingly. Plus, how happy is this to look at?


Second, British Gas (our current supplier anyways) were offering a deal on the device and installation, which made it a more affordable option. Thirdly, Hive was £100 cheaper, and the additional features on Nest weren’t really essential for our two bed flat. This isn’t our ‘forever’ home, and we’ve already done a lot of work on the place. We figured this was an easy opportunity to save some money.

I wouldn’t say a digital thermostat has changed our life. But I would say it’s probably something I won’t want to live without ever again. Both of us can control the temperature of our home from our phones. So if I’m out with Freja and on my way back home, with a swipe and a click I can make sure the house is nice and warm when we get in. If I forget to turn the heating off when leaving the flat, I just have to get the app out. And we have everything on a schedule so that we’re maximising heat with times of day that are particularly cold (430am!!).

Installation WOULD have been very straight forward – a simple swap with our old thermostat. Unfortunately we had some pretty poor service from British Gas, and Liam had to call up and threaten to cancel our account before it was sorted out. But once we got the engineer in the house, he was fantastic, walked me through everything, and even gave our boiler a quick once over.

I would definitely recommend making the swap if you’re thinking about upgrading. As for whether it saves us money on heat in the long run, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Has anyone else made the jump to Hive or Nest? I’d love to know how you like it. Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!


1 thought on “Happy Hive

  1. Our new home has a programmable thermostat but not one that can be operated via wireless. That is a great improvement. One thing I miss a lot on our furnace here is no variable feed drive on the furnace fan. That allows the fan to run all the time but at a very slow, medium, or fast speed,which keeps the air in the house all at the same temp. No cold spots in the lower level. So, when we replace this furnace, it once again will have that feature, and at that point, I will replace the thermostat to something like you have.

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