The Ny Rocker

Normal people show up to new friends’ houses and whilst there, chat about wine, books, kids, recipes – even restaurants. I turn up, fall in love with a chair, spend the entire time sitting in it and raving about it, scheme about how to smuggle it out the door, and instead settle for accosting my lovely host until she gives me the name of the designer. Of course it’s vintage, but this kind woman tracked down the details for me. My new furniture obsession is by a Japanese designer named Takeshi Nii and it’s called the Ny Rocker.

Photo taken from
Photo taken from

It may not look like much, but it is BEYOND comfortable. The arms are almost perfectly hip level so they don’t get in your way, but are there when you want them. The sling of canvas means it moulds perfectly to your body whilst also supporting you. And it rocks the perfect amount – just a small bounce. This handsome guy even folds flat, should you need to tuck it away. Though let’s be honest, if I owned this I probably wouldn’t get out of it very often. According to my sources at 1stDibs, it was first designed in 1958 and won several prizes before becoming a permanent feature in the MOMA collection in 1970. He was inspired by Danish forms and materials, and simply reconfigured the simplicity of a directors chair. Japanese-Danish design? No wonder I’m in love.

A quick eBay hunt turned up a mint condition original for a mere $9,000 (cue my husband laughing hysterically whilst burying his head in his hands) but DWR used to retail them for a much more affordable price ($450). Sadly it looks as though they’ve discontinued them, so I’m back to trying to find a vintage one for MUCH less £6k. Unless the DWR guys have a few hidden in storage? If so, please get in touch. Seriously.

Have you ever shamelessly style-stalked someone? Or spent years hunting for a vintage piece? Are you equally obsessed, or not so much? And would you spend the $9k for the mint condition original when you know there are much more affordable new options lurking around? I’d be interested to hear!


2 thoughts on “The Ny Rocker

  1. Very funny – I can totally relate though! lol Good luck on your search for the chair.

  2. Love your photos on Instagram. They make my day!

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