A long overdue update

Hello to those of you who are still following along. It’s been a pretty busy couple of months. To give you a quick rundown, here’s what’s been keeping me away from the computer. (Other than Freja, of course – and now that she’s crawling she’s very good at keeping me busy!).

Back in February, my husband and I were ‘just keeping an eye on the property market’ when we saw a house that stole both our hearts. Our flat wasn’t on the market yet (and still had some final projects that needed finishing) but we put in an offer anyways. After a bit of back and forth, we lost out to another bidder who was in a better position. We decided to go ahead and put our place on the market, just in case the sale fell through or we found something else. Two weeks of speedy projects (fixing the drippy tap in the bathroom, re-grouting, re-painting, getting rid of the sofa bed, hastily decorating Freja’s nursery, getting photographs taken and completing paperwork) and our lovely little home was for sale. Within a week, we accepted an offer.

The same day we sold our flat, we were told the sale of our heart-throb house had fallen through. We made an offer immediately, and it was accepted. March, April and most of May we alternated between periods of high stress (when it looked like the purchase was going to fall through) and euphoria. We couldn’t believe our luck, and couldn’t wait to get in and get settled. But we also didn’t want to get too carried away in case it did fall through. Luckily after a few hiccups, we got the keys and finally moved three weeks ago – exactly one week before jetting off to the states to attend my best friend’s wedding, visit the grandparents and introduce Freja to my childhood home.

The house is in Peckham (south east London), just down the road from a gorgeous school for Freja to attend in a few years. It’s 170 years old with fireplaces, stained glass, original doors that don’t close, and big beautiful windows. And, it needs a ton of work. Every room needs overhauling. We’re hoping to complete a few projects before I go back to work in September (remove carpets, refinish / lay floorboards, remove wallpaper and repaint walls) and I’ll be sharing those as we tick them off the list. Longer term, we’ll be gutting the kitchen and bathroom, adding a toilet downstairs near the kitchen, and adding another bedroom and bathroom by extending into the loft. But for now, we are happier than ever. Even the cats have stopped fighting – now they just chase each other up and down the stairs. (Yep – we have stairs!)

To give you a taste of our plans, I’ve started a new board on my Pinterest page (click here). You’ll see that we want to maintain some of the industrial touches from our flat, but soften it up a little. (Less white, more calming greys, blues, etc. Less metal, more wood. Less streamlined, more cozy.) This is a family home after all – I want it to be a place where Freja and her friends can run around and relax.

Check back later this week, when my camera is charged for a quick tour. I might even throw in my first video to mark my return to the blogosphere. In the meantime, drop me a note to let me know what you’ve missed while I’ve been away!

First family photo in our new home
First family photo in our new home

3 thoughts on “A long overdue update

  1. Love the Dixon Beat Lights. Also really like the soft grey-blue wall color. It seems very restful.

  2. ps: So glad you are back to blogging!

  3. I’m loving the four poster bed! All of your colors are soothing without being boring; great choices!

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