A Question of Carpet

Hello all! The camera charger eluded me today, so photos / video tour of the house will come later this week. In the meantime, I thought I’d throw a question out there that my husband and I have been debating. In period properties especially, the first thing I want to do is rip out the carpet and refinish floorboards that are (hopefully) underneath. While my husband wholly agrees with the aesthetic of floorboards, he has pointed out a few functional benefits that come from carpet – especially in bedrooms and hallways. So I’m curious – where do you stand on carpet in homes? Yay, or major ‘Nay’? Anyone who’s regretted ditching the carpet?

We have a floor guy coming around tomorrow to take a look at what I want done. I’m really hoping he finds gorgeous original wooden flooring underneath the miles of beige carpet we’ve inherited. And given how much squeaking and creaking happens as I’m walking around, I think the odds are in my favour. As a base throughout the house, I want something like the shot below. Not fully white washed, but bleached with the grain showing through. Almost as if they sat in the sun for a summer. with large rugs as a compromise in places where we want to up the coziness factor. And of course, a runner on the stairs to keep me, cats, and Freja out of the emergency room.

tumblr_m4zfbsU2421qmix1to1_400I’ve opted for a stain instead of white washing as I think it will be more durable, show fewer marks and retain character, weathering nicely over time. If we went the full white-wash route, I could imagine myself in three years wondering why I painted perfectly good wood. Trying to think long-term here. Hopefully it’s achievable – I’ll let you know!


3 thoughts on “A Question of Carpet

  1. Janiece took up carpet in her living room, hoping the floor underneath was as nice as the hall and bedrooms. It was, and amazingly, all it needed was a good cleaning, after 30 some years of carpet, and a wood product she swears by (me too, I used it at 29th St on the bedroom floors) that puts a lovely shine and protection on the wood. She has 5 cats with no front claws (I know, you don’t do that in the UK) so no scratches basically. They love the wood floor. It goes well with their new choice of modern designed furniture and they don’t notice echoing or noise like you might think. I have been there to see it and it looks wonderful. It flows into the rest of the house perfectly. They would not go back to carpet. Hard surface floor is better for allergies in that carpet retains deep dust that hoovering does not get out. Also, carpet tracks no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

  2. Carpet free all the way for me, first thing we did. I love the bleached floors in your pic. We had whitewash done in two rooms and whilst I love it, think it lacks a bit of warmth sometimes. x

  3. Wood floors all the way! Then area rugs to add interest in certain rooms. I like the idea of the light stain much more than white washing because it shows more wood grain.

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