Happy Friday everyone! Hope the week has been a good one for you. We’ve been busy with Liam away on a work trip, but have a nice, relaxing weekend ahead of us. One of my chores today is to head to the paint store to get paint samples so I can chat colours with our decorator tomorrow. Freja’s room and the bedrooms have been relatively easy, but I’ve been struggling a bit with the hallway. There are two different things it needs to achieve – first, it needs to connect all the rooms in the house. I want there to be a lovely, subtle contrast as you move from the hallway into the reception room and the bedrooms. Likewise, I want it to create a warm, clean, welcoming feeling as soon as you walk through the door.

Given a lot of the bedrooms are going to be variations of greys or steely blues, I don’t want to do a plain white. I think it would feel too monochrome, plus our hallway is quite dark, so I’m worried about it feeling flat and sterile. Neither Liam or I like creams or yellows much, and the place is currently very beige which also isn’t working for me.  Which has led me to a colour I never thought I would consider – I’m calling it white with a warm red undertone, but basically we’re talking pink. Or a rosy white. I’ve got a few examples I’ve found on Pinterest, but this seems to be the closest to what I have in mind.


I’m worried about it looking salmon or peach so would go one shade lighter again, but basically just want to create a warm soft glow that will welcome us home from the grey, rainy London winters. If I find the right colour, we might even carry it into the double reception room, but we’ll have to see what an afternoon at the paint store turns up.

In other news, the camera is on charge as we speak and I’m hoping to have good daylight this afternoon to snap some pics of the house. Wishing you all a nice weekend!


2 thoughts on “Rosy

  1. Love the look of the rosy white. Just wanted to mention that once we had our living room and hall painted a color called citron. I really balked at the paint chip thinking it was going to shout yellow but it ended up being my favorite so far. It brightened the room immensely and was beautiful and cheerful.

  2. My friend painted her living room a VERY light shade of lilac and has dark grey sofa and side chairs. Pillows and pictures have shades of burgundy which sounds like it would clash with lilac, but the color is so light it enhances the burgundy. It is amazing what happens when you get the right colors together.

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