Getting started

Hello all! A quick update while Freja sleeps. Next week we’re kicking off a lot of work on the house. Our goal is to have the majority of it done before I’m back at work in September, so it’s going to be a busy end of the summer.

First, the boring but oh-so-necessary – we’ve got someone coming to make sure the house is 100% weather-proof before winter sets in. So new guttering, repointing, some glass replaced, a new roof on our back extension, and a bit of repainting where it’s needed. The house will look like new when it’s finished, but this was something we hadn’t budgeted nearly enough for. Lesson learned.

At the same time that outside work kicks off, we’ve got someone coming to take all this cream carpet off our hands and refinish the pine floorboards underneath. I’m not excited about the level of dust we’re about to experience, but I am SO excited to have some gorgeous wooden floors. Just that will make a huge difference in the place, and it will start to feel like home.

We were originally planning to paint before we refinished the floors, but our decorator advised us to do this last. This way the industrial sanders they bring in (and all the dust!!) won’t damage freshly painted walls.

We’re still umming and awwing over paint colors. Now that we’ve had a few samples up on the walls for a week, we’ve settled on a colour for the hallway and Freja’s room. However, we are dithering about our bedroom, and our front room. We’re tempted to go super dark and dramatic (Farrow & Ball Plummett) in the reception rooms, but are also a little scared about how dark that will feel in the winter. I want cosy and sophisticated- not a cave. As for our bedroom, we haven’t quite found the right shade of blue. Everything looks too black in certain lights. So back to the paint store we go.

Inspiration for the entryway
The entryway
Reception Room Wall Colour
The Reception Rooms
Bedroom Colour Inspiration
Bedroom Colour Inspiration
Farrow & Ball Plummett
Farrow & Ball Plummett

Here’s some inspiration from my pinterest board – to head over, just click here!

Hope you’re all having a good week!


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