Looking Back – our old flat

Hi all – hope you had a good weekend! We’ve been busy battling dust with the hoover and mop. We finally have our reception room (living room for the Americans stopping by) and master bedroom back, and are starting to make it feel like home. Hopefully by the end of this week, the entire house will be painted, rugs will be down, and lights will be hung, which is beyond exciting. I might even be ready to show some work-in-progress ‘after’ photos.

We’ve started talking about where we will hang our art (once I overcome my fear of ruining our newly perfect walls). Getting it all out of the loft has made us a bit nostalgic for the old flat, so I thought it would be a good time to look back and FINALLY share some photos that a friend of ours took for a book that is very soon to hit the market. A book that we will be in! More on that shortly.

The thing that strikes me most when I look at these photos is how different our new home already feels – a bit more ‘slow-paced’ and cozy. I think it’s down to the warm wall colours and a decision to use more wood and less metal in our furniture. I’m still really happy with most of the design choices we made for our flat, as I think they really suited the space (the lights, the bright white walls, the industrial details) but some things I think we’ve already grown out of, or they simply won’t work in this house (the overly-busy photo wall, the on-display storage). It will be interesting to look back in another year and see how much our style evolves as we settle into this house and adjust to the reality of a busy toddler.

Without further ado, here’s our old flat! Man, do I miss that kitchen… Photos by my super-talented and lovely friend Kirsty at Lion and Bear Photography (click here to check out more of her fabulous work)

HamillLoA HamillLoB HamillLoC HamillLoD HamillLoE HamillLoG HamillLoL Hamill1Lo Hamill2Lo Hamill3Lo Hamill5Lo Hamill6Lo Hamill7Lo Hamill8Lo Hamill9Lo Hamill11LoHamill12LoThose of you who made it this far and clocked the ‘book’ reference, we are in the new Young House Love book, Lovable Livable Home hitting the stands this week. Keeping that news quiet for over a year has been nearly impossible, but we’re very excited. Thanks for stopping by and we’ll be back later this week with a home update. In the meantime, cross your fingers for us as we settle F into her nursery and me back into the office.


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