All Lit Up (Reprised)

There’s so much happening in this old house as we near the end of this stage of work. After weeks of staring at exposed plaster, primed doors and plastered skirting boards (more on that stroke of genius in another post) it’s all finally coming together and starting to feel like home. The guys are planning to down tools for good on Friday, which means we’re in the midst of sourcing those final touches that will really finish the rooms.

A few weeks ago I outlined our plan for lights (if you want to look back at that post, click here). We were totally set, until we popped into SCP to have a look around. It just so happened that they had these Caravaggio pendants in stock in light grey – and they were 50% off.


Liam and I had looked at them before. We loved the simplicity of the shape and the detail of the exposed connection at the top. They also met all our technical criteria, but they were just out of our budget, so we’d moved on. But at 50% off, they were suddenly very affordable. We managed to get the last two, and walked out of the shop feeling very pleased with ourselves. We love the way the light grey looks against the blue – nice and soft but still with a bit of an industrial edge.

With the reception rooms and hallway sorted, we figured we might as well also buy the lights for the bedrooms so everything could be installed at the same time. After looking at a few things in person, we ended up sticking to our original choice of lights for the bedroom, but swapping the colour to match our Off-black doors. So all three bedrooms will have the Cohen Pendant from Heal’s in black. The colour doesn’t look right on their website, but in person it’s a lovely soft ebony that will contrast nicely with our greys.

Cohen Pendant Heal's

A little note on light bulbs to match the lights we bought – they are not cheap! I picked up LEDs – warm light for each of the bedrooms and a bit of a brighter one for the reception rooms. I was pleasantly surprised by how far LEDs have come – these don’t cast that pinky-green office cubicle glow, thank god. With a lifetime of 10,000 and 32,000 hours it’s nice to know I won’t be replacing them anytime soon. But at £16 and £20 PER bulb, I am expecting some serious savings in our energy bill. I will report back.

Later this week I’ll update you on a few other details that we’ve been working on. And I’ll be doing a post on our brilliant guys from Decorating Company UK. It’s been so nice to have a team that cares as much about the finished product as we do. Hope everyone is having a good week!


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