Nearly there

The guys are all set to finish tomorrow! Snags and final touches, followed by cleaning up and shipping out. It will be amazing to have our house back and wave a final goodbye to the dust, but I will miss the drama of walking in to see something totally new that happened while I was working. I will also miss having a team as excited about it all coming together as we are. I mean, how many decorators will send a happy text when the lights are finally hung? (That was a seriously happy moment, as the lights were previously very precariously mounted into the plasterboard of the ceiling. Not good)

It’s Freja’s first birthday this weekend and then Liam is away for a few days, so hanging art will have to wait a little longer. But I will be back with some pretty fun before and afters. In the meantime, here’s a teaser from the weekend. I literally stopped in my tracks while walking down the stairs to breakfast to think ‘I’m so happy I live here’ and then snapped this shot. How fab is that House Doctor pendant? 

Hope everyone had a drier start to the week than I did. It’s officially time to wear a coat and carry an umbrella.


1 thought on “Nearly there

  1. Stunning! What a lovely view coming down the stairs in the morning light!

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