Un-styled Reveal: The Hallway

I always thought hallways and stairs would be the easiest thing to decorate. However, they’re actually quite tricky. They connect every room in the house, are quite dark, consist of funny shapes and awkward spaces, and need to be highly functional. Since we’ve gone with bold or dark colours in most of the rooms, I wanted to keep the entryway quite clean and fresh, but with enough attitude to make an impact when you walk through the door. We ended up with a ghost-light grey colour on the walls (Little Greene Gauze 106). I love it so much, I’ve actually carried it into Freja’s room. It’s calm and soft, and will make the perfect backdrop for any art we decide to hang. To add some oomph, we used Farrow & Ball Off Black on our bannister and our doors. And finally, I found two smoked glass pendants from House Doctor (more on that here) which ties everything together.

livestylehall livestylehall2 livestylehall3 livestylehall4

We’re still in the process of painting the stairs white (two undercoats and now three layers of floor paint… if it takes many more coats, I’m tempted to change plans and slap some off-black on them) and are discussing whether to put a runner down or not. But otherwise, this space is ready for artwork.

Any tips you’ve got for decorating hallways? We had a shoe cupboard and coat rack in our last place, but sadly that won’t work here due to the narrowness of the space. So I’m planning on keeping it simple with a clock, a mirror and perhaps one or two oversized prints. Maybe an umbrella stand, but it would be a bit empty as we only own one umbrella. Decisions, decisions… Hope you’re all having a good weekend! Back next week with bedrooms.


1 thought on “Un-styled Reveal: The Hallway

  1. It is pretty how the color of the reception room is similar to the glass in the door into the kitchen.

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