Unstyled Reveal: Our bedroom and the guest room

We’re saving Freja’s room till last – partly because it’s also the first room that we’ve finally managed to finish! So you’ll get one big nursery update later this week. For now, you’ll have to settle for the slightly less exciting bedrooms in the house.

First up, our guest room. I wanted to create a space that would be nice and relaxing for any friends or family who came to stay. I realise not everyone loves bold colour or our industrial aesthetic, so decided to tone it back a bit in here. This room is on the back of the house, and gets lovely afternoon light. It also happens to overlook our neighbour’s pond (when you’re lying in bed, you can hear the fountain gurgling away) so is very quiet and calm. We embraced this, and went with a soft mid-tone grey that has the slightest hint of lavender in it, depending on the light. (Little Greene Mono, in case you’re wondering). For consistency with the other bedrooms, we kept the off-black doors and the black Cohen pendant, which contrasts nicely with the colour of the walls. You might recognise the furniture in here from our last flat – it is our black iron bedframe and bedside tables, which we’ve then softened by mixing in some of our teak furniture – the sideboard and little vintage chair. The Roman blind is from John Lewis, and it brings just the right hint of colour and pattern into the space. Finally, we found a super-soft rug at Habitat that is absolutely lovely underfoot. (I’ve just realised I need to do a rug post – more on that soon!) I only managed to snap two photos as the light wasn’t great, so will try and update this post with some better eye candy in the next few days. But for now, here’s a taster with matching cat.

LiveStyleGuest1 LIveStyleGuest2 (This photo makes me realise just how wonky our ancient house is!)

Onto our bedroom. I should start by saying that this room is the least finished. We are having built-in wardrobes done later this month, so things are still very much in flux. That cream and brown IKEA special in the corner is not in good shape. Getting dressed in the morning is like a game of Jenga – open the door in the wrong way, and it could collapse. Plus I really, REALLY hate how aged and dirty it looks. Our shoes have no home, the fireplace tiling barely survived our floor fiasco, and our entry wall feels very bare. But we love our new bed (so comfy) and the little reading nook we’ve created near the window with the vintage chair that used to reside downstairs. Plus the walls are a rich, moody grey (Little Greene Down Pipe) and in pristine condition after a lot of TLC from the guys. Until we’ve finished the work on the wardrobes, we aren’t hanging a single piece of art so this will feel unfinished until November. But it’s already an amazing space to chill at the end of the day. I don’t miss the textured cream wallpaper one bit, and am really glad we went for the dark grey – we nearly chickened out.

LivestyleMaster1 LivestyleMaster2 LivestyleMaster3 LivestyleMaster4 LivestyleMaster5Back soon with the big nursery reveal. I can’t tell you how good it’s been for our morale to have one finished room in the house – it makes me smile every time I walk in.

What do you think so far – anything you would do differently? Hope you’re all having a good week!


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