Freja’s Nursery

One year and two homes later, Freja finally has a finished nursery. When I say finished, I mean the bones are in place, it has a bit of personality, and now we can add things as we find them. Will the room stay as pared back as it is now? Unlikely – she’s a child after all, and children come with ‘stuff’. But we do love the minimalist aesthetic, and how simple it is to tidy every night. A quick reminder of where we started. LiveStyleBefore

A violently floral accent wall around the fireplace. White walls everywhere else. Cream carpets (this shot is obviously post-carpet removal). And an unfinished pine wardrobe door. Yikes.

For her nursery, we decided to take inspiration from her name (which is Norwegian – a nod to my grandmother, who was the first generation to live in the US) and channel the Scandi vibe. Luckily, there’s a lot in shops right now that plays to this theme in a really fun way. Some of the items you might recognise from our old flat, and some are things we’ve picked up over the last 12 months. We’ll start off with this little guy: LiveStyleFrejasNursery10I wanted to include things that are on Freja’s level, as well as ours. This little fox has such a sweet face, and she loves trying to throw him around the room. I’ve even caught her pausing to chatter to him a few times. He’s a nice little welcome home at the end of a long day, and he helps keep her door open.
LiveStyleFrejasNursery6The rug we already owned, and we felt the two stripes of cheerful yellow would work perfectly in here with the lighter walls. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know my original plan was to go darker and more moody, but we ended up with Little Green Gauze – the same colour as our hallway. It’s a fresh yet calming grey, and will serve as a good backdrop as the room evolves with Freja’s age. The alphabet print is one we picked up at IKEA a few years ago, and it looks right at home above the fireplace.

LiveStyleFrejasNursery9After a lot of chair hunting, we picked up this vintage Ercol on eBay. It’s one of their extra large styles, and is seriously comfortable – even without cushions. For now, my vintage baby blanket is folded on the seat. We spent a lot of time searching for a pouf that would double up as a footstool and place to pop some books or a bottle, but ended up with this cute little beanbag from MunaLondon. (Beware – this shop has too many gorgeous things for little ones). It may not work as a second table, but makes a sweet chair for her to grow into and works perfectly well as a footrest.

LiveStyleFrejasNursery1The roller blind is from John Lewis, and aptly named ‘Nordic Houses‘. It’s not a blackout blind, but that seems to be ok now that we’re headed into winter. I love the illustrative style, and have already started making up stories to tell her about the people who live in the houses. For now, she just points and says ‘eh! ah!’ but I think this will be a fun bedtime game to play as she gets older. It adds just enough pattern to the room, and the little hints of colour match the yellow of our rug and the red of our alphabet print. Pretty perfect, really.

On a whim, I picked up this cloud mobile from The White Company. It’s tricky to photograph, but floats effortlessly around the room and compliments the little city scene in the blind. LiveStyleFrejasNursery2

These little guys live in her cot. They’re a motley crew, but all have sentimental value to Liam and I. And Freja seems to love them too. LiveStyleFrejasNursery4 LiveStyleFrejasNursery7LiveStyleFrejasNursery8LiveStyleFrejasNursery5

A few other little details round out the room – the Newgate clock on the wall adds another nice pop of colour and has some lovely red and yellow detailing. The framed family photo is one of our favourites (and one of our first ever!) from our newborn session with Carla at Custard Cream Photography. Freja was 12 days old – tiny! (More on our fab experience here). Those little wooden figures are known as ‘Skittles’ in the UK; basically cute bowling pins that Liam found this week. They add a bit of playful fun to her mantle, and are easily accessible for a quick game. The cat print above the wall is filled with meaning – two cats for the two cats in our home. Two black cats for Sunderland – Liam’s football team. We discovered these prints awhile ago from the guys at Art of Sport, and still absolutely love the cleverness of them. Finally – her name. A simple banner kit that I picked up at Gently Elephant (our local amazing children’s shop in Brockley). Maybe we’ll spring for something more permanent in the future, but for now this does the trick.

Looking at photos, some of the walls still feel a bit bare but I like that we can add to the room as Freja grows. I’m happy that everything has been chosen for a reason, or has a nice story behind it. Even her dresser (which I haven’t included here because it’s only half painted – I was painting it when my water broke, and never managed to finish it!) has significance. I think it was worth the wait – hopefully she does too!

Wishing everyone a good start to the week. Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Freja’s Nursery

    1. Thanks! We’re really happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to see how it evolves as she grows up.

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