Deck the halls

Wishing everyone a fabulous run into Christmas and the new year. I’m hoping to make another appearance on here before the holiday, but after a week off work followed by a week of fighting tummy bugs (Freja, then me) I’m uber behind on life and trying to play catch up while the husband is away. 

I did manage to haul out some Christmas decor this weekend. 

 It is wholly possible that Daisy loves the tree more than anyone else in the house. She’s given up trying to climb it and now just sleeps under it for hours at a time. Every now and then we hear a bell jingling as she tries to toss it across the room, but we’re not too worried. With a toddler in the house we’ve ditched anything too breakable this year. 

Since we’re doing a fake tree while Freja is little, I got my fresh-pine-smell fix with a wreath. I couldn’t find any I liked, so bought an undecorated one from a local florist and jazzed it up myself. Those little red balls I picked up in Paris about six years ago. They are breakable and Daisy likes to throw them around so we figured this was the safest place for them. Rather than hang the stockings on the fireplace, I opted for tying them to the staircase with a festive silver ribbon. No nail holes and I love the little unexpected hit of decor as I walk through the house. 

Just some presents left to buy and wrap, and my favourite White Company Christmas candle to buy. I’m actually excited about the holiday this year, and not too stressed. It’s so much more fun when there’s a little face filled with wonder in the house. 

What did you do to decorate this year? Any tips for Christmas with cats and kids?  


3 thoughts on “Deck the halls

  1. We decorated Grandpa Lloyd’s tree last night. It has the old ornaments he used plus garland, gold beads, and a few of our ornaments, so a blend of family. It stands by the fireplace in the family room downstairs. The guest room has a wainscot shelf which has the clay houses you and Adam made in grade school, along with some garland and Christmas trinkets from Grandma Berdy, so more family memories there, and a special treat if grandkids stay during the holiday! We put blue string lights on the deck with a tiny 3 ft tree with multicolored lights and it looks like a fairy land at night. Also, one of my favorite decorations is hung from the ceiling light
    In the living room, which is various gold and frosted balls on curled gold and silver ribbons. It is so festive! And I can’t forget the kitchen- above the cupboards we have a garland of fake evergreen and white fairy lights interspersed with red and silver frosted cocktail glasses. Merry and bright! Have fun decorating and Merry Christmas!

    1. Sounds amazing – wish we were there to see it!

  2. What a great idea to bring Christmas ornaments from other countries to remenisce each holiday! I kept a card from Durham and will be looking for things as we travel next.

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