Three stylish, clean and durable options for kitchen floors

We’re starting to think about the next big project in our home – the kitchen. While we won’t actually start work for at least 18 months, we are going to start planning now so that when the builders show up, we are 100% clear on what we want. We are even thinking about doing the kitchen at the same time as we do the bathroom, and convert our loft (attic) into two additional bedrooms with a bathroom. If we’re going to move out to avoid the dust, we think we may as well do it all at once. However, that is a daunting undertaking, with a lot of details to get right. So we’ll start with one room and one big decision – the floors.

We could sand and refinish the wooden floors to match the rest of the house. It would be the least expensive option, and would also help to tie the entire ground floor together. However, our kitchen is actually spread across three slightly different levels. (You go down a step to enter the kitchen, down another to get into the ‘cooking’ space, and down a third step to get into the utility area). One thing we’d like to look into is raising the floor so that it’s all one level. This would give our lay-out more flexibility, and also make the space safer. (We’ve had a few flying guests, and I’ve even tripped over one of the stairs when I’ve not been paying attention). Which would likely mean installing a floating floor above the original. We could do this in wood as well, but I want to start fresh and explore other options before we just default to wood. So here are three of my favourite alternatives. I’ve taken three things into account – durability, clean-ability (is that a word?!) and style.

Epoxy resin: Originally designed for industrial spaces, this material is increasingly appearing in homes. It’s less expensive and more environmentally friendly than concrete, and is very flexible style-wise. You can go bright white, bring in a colour, or mimic the look of polished concrete. If you wanted to go totally glam rock, you could even use it to create a glitter floor. Its popularity in factories tells you it’s easy to keep clean, and will stand up to even the most rambunctious of families. With two big cats and a toddler on hand, these are three big pluses for me. I would just want to balance the uber-modern feel with warmer and more rustic materials like brick and wood.

Ceramic or Stone Tile: A classic option for kitchens means it’s definitely on my shortlist. Rather than go the traditional route, I would be looking for ways to bring in a modern twist. I love the idea of using marble or stone tiles to create a herringbone pattern. It would be a nice break from our wooden floors whilst still feeling in keeping with the rest of the house. I also really like the look of mismatched Moroccan tiles, like the image below. It would make for a very fun, cheerful space and we could keep everything else really clean and simple. I’m a little worried about durability – I hate the idea of a tile cracking after a few years. I also don’t like the idea of having crumbs and food stuck in the grout. But I’m sure there are solutions that can help protect against these challenges. With so much variety and versatility, I’m not ready to discount it just yet.

Vinyl Composite Tile: Another classic option that is highly cost effective, and definitely ticks the boxes on durability and cleanliness. In terms of style, going the black and white route brings a truly retro feel to the room that would very much inform the rest of the choices we’d make. I could imagine a fun, diner-style kitchen with bright pops of colour. Equally, the rest of the space could be fresh and white with accents of white-washed wood. At the moment, this feels a bit much for us but I do want the space to feel more playful and less serious. Mealtimes are meant to be relaxed and sociable, and I’d like to reflect that in our decisions.

Three very different options to choose from. Which one is your favourite? I think I’m leaning towards the epoxy resin in a matte grey or white (surprise surprise), but would love to hear what you like too. Just drop me a note below!

All the above photos are sourced, and housed on my Pinterest page which you can find by clicking here. Have a great week – we’ll be back on Friday!


5 thoughts on “Three stylish, clean and durable options for kitchen floors

  1. Ceramic or stone tile is nice to look at, but hard to stand on, cold on the feet, breaks anything that is dropped, andcan crack. Choose something that is easy on your feet, like the vinyl.

    1. I forgot about the things I drop on it breaking. Good advice!

  2. I really like the idea of the epoxy resin. Durability and cleanability (so not a word) is so critical with kids a pets, but I don’t think you sacrifice anything aesthetically with the epoxy! I love the polished concrete look because of the additional texture. I also don’t think its as limiting as the vinyl tile would be as a design choice. If you wanted to change the feel of your kitchen down the road, the epoxy seems like a more flexible base.

    1. Totally agree – just want to make sure the space doesn’t feel too cold but I’m sure we can add warmth through the other materials we go for. Watch now I’ve said that, we’ll end up with a grey concrete floor and white cabinetry!

    2. The nice thing about the epoxy is you can get the polished cement look without it being as hard. Standing on cement is hard on the feet and legs, so go for comfort if possible.

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