Introducing Marby & Elm

I love a good lunch hour. They don’t happen often, so when they do I tend to embrace the downtime and wander the streets of Clerkenwell. Today whilst wandering, I stumbled into Marby & Elm, a letterpress design shop that makes and sells some really fun on-trend stationary. I first spotted Eleanor’s work a year ago in Liberty, where her cheerful alphabet postcards caught my eye, and made a fab card for a friend’s daughter’s naming ceremony. The shop, which has been open since November, is a treasure trove of all things stationary, with a few posters, jewellery, and screenprinted bags available as well.

When Freja was first born, I tried to commission a bespoke print of her name, but struggled to find someone who would do it. Letterpress is one of those dying arts that few know how to do, or have equipment for. When I saw that Marby & Elm create personalised stationary, I asked whether they would consider creating a bespoke poster. I’m excited to report that Eleanor has said yes, and we’re in the process of planning it now. I’ll be back to show you what she creates as soon as it’s finished.

If you’re in the area and have a bit of time, make sure you stop by and say hello.


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