Five bathrooms trends you might regret later

Bathrooms may be one of the smallest rooms in your house, but a simple renovation can easily spiral out of control. The key is being pragmatic about what you really need, and how hard this room needs to function. As we’re in the process of planning our overhaul, I thought I’d share five trends I’ve seen on Pinterest that may look pretty, but may be a pain once the post-renovation haze of happiness has worn off.

Open Storage


We decided to give this a go in the teeny tiny bathroom of our flat. Because the room was so small it was the only place we had to keep things, which meant all our toiletries were on display all the time. Our towels also lived above the door, neatly folded on a shelf. The steam they encountered everyday meant that by the time you came to swap towels a few days later, they didn’t feel very fresh and clean. If you’re at all obsessive about germs, storing things directly above the toilet is probably not a great idea. (I will leave you to read the reports about germs spread when flushing with an open lid. Yuck.) My recommendation is not to see open storage as storage, but instead a display space. So if you really love the look and want to go for it, make sure you’ve got additional space to stash your less attractive bits. And be ready to clean. Often.

Built-in Shower Shelves

Bathroom 1

These might seem like a stylish solution to a white plastic shower caddy, but they will come with challenges of their own. Water will flow wherever it can, and it will pool wherever it can. Especially in grout and behind shampoo bottles. The gorgeous tile may wipe clean, but a year later, the seams are going to be the most annoying hotbed of unsightly mildew. If you’re planning to go down this route, think about positioning them out of water lines, and be prepared to wipe them down regularly.

Intricate Tile


Another one of those ideas that looks amazing in photos, but has me questioning how long it will look this pristine. Maybe I’m more sensitive to mold and mildew because I scraped and re-grouted a bathroom myself, but that experience definitely has me running for smooth, water resistant surfaces that won’t require scrubbing with bleach and a toothbrush.



Wood and water are traditionally a pretty bad mix. Over time, the steam and any water that escapes from the bath or shower and isn’t mopped up is highly likely to make the wood warp and discolour. If you use any chemicals (eg. hair dye) it’s going to be difficult to remove any drips or stains once they’re in the grain. You can protect against this with varnishes, sealants and waxes, but be prepared to re-apply regularly to protect the material. If you do go this route, talk to a professional and invest in hardwoods like teak.



If you’ve got a small bathroom that consists of a toilet and sink, then wallpaper will probably be fine. But if you are planning to wallpaper the room you shower in every day, I would find another way to decorate. Water and steam (notice a trend here?) will get behind the paper and make the seams pop and bubbles appear. It will probably be fine for awhile, but at some point know that you will have to live with imperfections or redo the space.

So I can hear you thinking ‘What am I left with?’ Check back next week for three bathrooms that I’m loving for their practicality, simplicity and stylishness.

Wishing everyone a great week-end! 



2 thoughts on “Five bathrooms trends you might regret later

  1. Something to consider is the color in a bathroom. If the colors are kept neutral like soft greys, then seasonal colors can be added through towels, accessories, and artwork. If the color is too related to an idea, for instance the beach, aqua walls with sand colored floor tiles, then that is all that can be accessorized. Color can change the way makeup looks or psychologically affect how one feels when they look in the mirror. Neutrals will avoid those problems.

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