Stylish and practical bathroom overhaul

Following on from last week’s post about five bathroom trends you might regret later, today I’m going to share the fledgling plans we’ve made for our bathroom, based on ideas that I think are both stylish and practical.

First off, our bathroom isn’t in terrible condition.

The bath is deliciously big, and I’m quite happy to keep it and simply re-clad it. It’s easily the same size as a clawfoot tub and I like the way it’s integrated into the room. The layout does a good job of maximising the space, and I love having a stained glass window – it glows (as you can see in my quick snaps) and casts a really lovely light around the room at all times of day. So rather than gutting the entire thing and starting from scratch we will be updating the toilet and sink with newer fixtures, potentially swapping the shower and bath taps for continuity, and then overhauling the style. You won’t be surprised to read that the dolphin tile will be the first thing to go. Closely followed by the fold-away perspex shower door.

The rest of our house has white-washed original wooden floors. I don’t want to continue these into the bathroom for reasons mentioned last week (wood and water are simply not a good mix in the long run), so am planning on doing a bit of a statement tile floor. Currently tile in a herringbone pattern is winning, either in bright white marble or a dark, charcoal grey. To keep it looking fresh for as long as possible, I’m considering using a coloured grout instead of white. We’re still undecided as to whether we continue this pattern as our backsplash; at the moment we’re leaning towards something more pared back and easy to clean.


The door will remain Farrow and Ball ‘Off Black’, so we are planning to add a bit more black to the room in small accents so that it all ties together. I love the simplicity of these rooms below. I think a monochrome approach will make the stained glass window even more of a feature than it currently is.

How clever is using a picture rail for the mirror? And I’m currently on the hunt for black taps like these. If we don’t go black, brass is my next bet because I think it feels really warm and classically on-trend. Like this:


Finally, with regards to lighting I want to replace our wall sconce and ceiling light with something impactful but practical. Light in a bathroom is key, so I want to nail a good mix of mood and task lighting. These are options I’ve tracked down so far.

So that’s my current rundown. Anyone else about to overhaul their bathroom? Any ideas or tips you’ve seen or learned along the way? Drop me a note below – I’d love to hear!

All sourced photos can be found on my Pinterest board by clicking here



1 thought on “Stylish and practical bathroom overhaul

  1. Getting rid of the hard shower door will make the room feel larger, wider. Great idea! Love the pix of the tub under the window and the toilet hidden behind cupboards. But that is a major change. Good luck!

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