A few little updates to our home

And we’re back. Thanks for holding while I sorted some family stuff. Liam is back home and healing well. Unsurprisingly, I’ve totally lost track of tv, and house projects have ground to a halt. I’m basically using any and all free-time I have to catch up on sleep. We are using Liam’s time at home on the sofa to sort a few little bits for the house (anything that can be done via the click of a button), so I thought I would share those quickly.

We finally bought ourselves some new linen sheets. (Happy Valentine’s Day to us!) We’ve gone for two sets – these Croft Collection from John Lewis in Loch Blue, and these from Loaf in Light Grey.

I love using linens to quickly change the look of our bedroom, which is why we went for a dark and moody option, and a light and fresh one. I’ll snap some pics and report back on the linen vs cotton question.

We’ve been feeling the need to add a final piece of furniture to our bedroom. A few months ago, we discovered this blanket box from Heal’s but decided to wait until our wardrobes were built. I hated the idea of over-crowding the room or overdoing it on the light wood. Then last week, a mailer from Heal’s popped through our door with the slightly re-vamped version of the blanket box on the cover. We both took one look, and decided to go for it. After all, we need a nice place to store all our lovely new sheets, right?


It arrives in a few weeks, and I can’t wait to show you the detailing inside. It’s a really sensible and highly functional piece of furniture; perfect for any Marie Kondo fans out there. Plus it’s pretty.

We finally bought a bin for our bathroom and replaced our broken laundry basket with this fun geometric one from Habitat. Not exciting, but necessary purchases. And I’m currently sporting my first pair of rabbit slippers – they might pop up on Instagram soon.

I’m hoping to play catch up on the Great Interior Design Challenge, so will be back with some posts related to all those great challenges. I also really fell for the 100k House: Tricks of the Trade – if you’re not watching, I would highly recommend it.

Hope everyone is having a good week!


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