Run, run, run

The last few months definitely feel like they’ve been a marathon. But after ten days off, a visit from the in-laws, some sunshine, downtime with the family, and a much needed wine night with a friend, I’m feeling ready to go again.

A lot has been happening at the house (it wouldn’t be Easter break without some spring cleaning and DIY), but I’ll start by introducing you to our new runner.

When we first started discussing a runner for the stairs, we decided we needed to see samples in person before we committed to anything. So we went to Lordship Flooring in Dulwich to explore our options. Within about five minutes of looking at their entire selection, my eye was drawn to a small collection of samples over in the corner. The quality was amazing, and the patterns were the perfect balance of traditional and modern. I flipped one over not knowing the brand, and it turned out to be Roger Oates. I’d actually already found this company online and was quite impressed with their selection. Once we saw them in person, we were sold.

The particular pattern we liked (Dart Pigeon if you’re interested) wasn’t in stock, and would take 12 weeks to arrive. So we paid our deposit, had our stairs measured up, and then waited.

Before having the runner installed, we had a few cracked treads that needed attention. I had a carpenter out to look, and he actually recommended we use Gorilla Glue to fill the crack and bind the wood back together. A friend of mine at work had recommended the same thing, so we decided to go for it – and it worked. If you don’t own some of this stuff, buy it. I’ve actually been walking around my house randomly fixing things with it – that’s how much I love it. The knob that kept falling off our dresser? Sorted. Some other hairline cracks in the stairs? Now rock solid. Yes, I’m eulogising about glue. But trust me, it’s amazing.

Now that it’s done, I’m wondering why I ever resisted the idea of a runner in the first place. Our stairs feel dressed, and we are loving the transformation. When I look back at this, I can’t believe how far we’ve come…


Back soon with more updates – including some impromptu work in our kitchen to make it feel like less of an eye sore.


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