Black out

Our kitchen is a bit of a mess, but we knew that when we bought our home. Spread over three different levels, with three slightly different greys on the wall, aging faux oak cabinets, floors that are in serious need of some love, and some questionable taste in backsplash tiling. The layout is terrible and until this week, we had a hole in the ceiling where a vintage light and its massive breaker lived. It started smoking a few months back, and we very quickly had it removed, which left a hole the size of a fist over our table. Then there’s a fireplace where the owners had mounted a tv. Just the rivets are left and I have yet to figure out how to remove them, so can’t cover the holes. We’ve got a massive print covering most of it, but I know it’s there. Even if no one else can see it, it’s driving me mad.  

We agreed when we moved in that we wouldn’t do anything to the kitchen until we gutted it and started from scratch. Neither of us wanted to to throw money at the space twice. But this week we agreed for both our sanity sake to do a few things, just to make it more liveable. 
First up, we bashed out a cupboard that took up an entire wall and was loose any ways. Luckily the floor underneath and wall behind had been finished before it was installed, so removing it didn’t add to our list of problems. This let us move our coat rack over into the corner, away from a window it had been blocking. The extra light and space already improved things. 

I’d picked up a small tin of blackboard paint ages ago for the cupboard doors in Freja’s room, but decided against it. We popped this out and decided to paint the entryway wall with it, just to see whether we liked it or not. We love it, and have used it to create a little corner for Freja’s table and chairs.   

She adores it and will quite happily play here while I’m fixing dinner or tidying up afterwards. Sometimes she even prefers to eat here, though we’re still trying to encourage eating at the table with everyone. Snacks are allowed though. 

My husband touched up some very chipped baseboards with a fresh coat of white paint and we’ve decided to paint the rest of the walls white for now as well. What we spend in paint and man labour will be tiny in comparison to the improvement it will make. 

On the blackboard wall, I was worried about the dust so had a hunt around on Amazon and found these chalk pens. They are awesome, tho slightly more permanent than chalk. Once the ink is dry, it stays put until you scrub it off with a wet cloth. We let Freja have a go, and she enjoyed scribbling away. Liam and I also had fun writing some nice quotes up, and I think whenever we have visitors I’ll invite them to add to the wall. It will be great to see it grow over time. 

So that’s where we are now. Tiny improvements but already feeling so much better. It has also gotten us thinking properly about what we want to do with the space. In so excited about its potential – just not about the disruption it will cause. 

Hope everyone is having a good week! Back with you on Friday. 


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