Artifact Uprising

Hello all – thought I would post a day early this week so that you can also take advantage of a deal I found this weekend. This isn’t a sponsored post – just me sharing the love.

I’m terrible about printing photos. When I was younger, I would take a roll to be developed within a week of finishing it. When shops started offering one hour developing, I think I squealed with joy. I loved opening the envelope and flipping through, never quite knowing what I’d find inside. That first look at what I’d captured was honestly one of my favourite things in the world. Ever since I moved from film to digital, I’ve continued taking as many, if not more photos than I used to, but they all live on various laptops, hard drives and phones. Every now and again I’ll  revisit them, but printing and framing happens about once a year, if that, and it’s always such a task that it kills some of the joy.

Since the cloud and the birth of Freja, I’ve at least been better about storing them all in one place. But sitting down to decide what I take from online to offline is now such a mammoth task that it keeps getting put off in favour of more urgent and less ‘frivolous’ things. That is, until this weekend.

I was catching up on some blogs while the husband was watching the golf, and saw this review on Carley K for Artifact Uprising.

Artifact Uprising Logo - JPG

Out of curiosity, I downloaded their app and within ten minutes, had placed my first order. How great does their stuff look?

I decided to check out their photo books as well, as I’ve been meaning to do one of Freja’s first year for ages. I was so impressed with the ease and layout that I ordered one of those too. I’m seriously thinking about using this for Freja’s second birthday invites, but that’s six months away so have some time yet to decide.

Once they arrive I’ll pop back to let you know if the quality lives up to the site, but so far I’m impressed. For the first time in ten years I can’t wait to flip through that little envelope of prints. In the meantime, if you’re based in the US, they’re currently offering 25 free prints until 12 April (that’s tomorrow!) in exchange for signing up to their mailing list. Sadly, my London-based self didn’t qualify but I thought I’d pass it on for those of you who do.

Hope you all have a good start to the week!

Photos have been reprinted from Artifact Uprising


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