BBC2 Great Interior Design Challenge: Tennis Racket Upcycle

For those of you who live in the UK, the first episode of the Great Interior Design Challenge aired last night on BBC2. Amateur designers have a go at transforming real spaces for real clients on a small budget, and with very limited time. There are often tears, and something always goes wrong. I don’t enjoy watching other people suffer on national television, but the drama does make for fabulous tv viewing.

While the programme is running, I thought it would be fun to pick a challenge from the show and share my take on it. On today’s episode, each of the contestants were given a vintage tennis racket and asked to up-cycle it. Up-cycling can be tricky; you want to maintain the integrity of the piece but also transform it into a new, useful object. And you want to make sure it doesn’t feel cheap or gimmicky. It should add something to the room, rather than feel forced. The designers each went for something different – a clock, a photo frame, a stow-away table and a set of drawer knobs. So what would I have done?

While watching the programme, my first instinct was to create a photo frame using the wire as a space to clip on a few little photos and sayings. Like so. But smaller, of course.


That felt a bit tame, so I had a quick look on Pinterest and found these mirrors, which are such a clever idea. Given each designer only had one racket to work with, I would probably integrate one into a gallery wall with some other fun objects and photos.


I thought this little shelf was very clever, and could imagine it making a quirky little bedside table.


And finally, I decided you could mount the racket on the back of a door and turn it into a bespoke hanging space. So just replace the reclaimed wood below with a tennis racket, and voila.


Are any of you watching as well? What would you do if you were on the show? Any upcycling successes that you’re proud of? Drop me a note below!

All photos are saved to my ‘crafty’ pinterest board, which you can see by clicking here


1 thought on “BBC2 Great Interior Design Challenge: Tennis Racket Upcycle

  1. Wouldn’t it be fun to hang the racket filled with pretty, bright silk flowers? Add a few ribbons draping down the handle for more color and softness. It could be used in place of a wreath on the front door!

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