Final Paint Selections

Hi all! Our floors are still in progress, and looking so amazing – even without the stain down yet. I’ll give you the full update on those sometime next week so we can do the ‘before and after’ all in one mega-long post. But as soon as that carpet was out and we could see how the rooms were going to look, we changed our minds on paint colours. Yet another reason to start with floors and hold off on decorating.

With Freja’s room, we were planning to do a really light lavender grey. However with the white stain, the original colour we picked would be too pale. I was already worried about it blending with the grey marble fireplace, but had talked myself into being ok with it. However, a light grey fireplace, lavender-grey walls and white-grey floors? That could turn into a grey mess. I threw a few colours up on the walls tonight, but am leaning towards Little Greene Bone China Blue. It’s a lovely grey-blue that goes really steely in the afternoon light (which is when the sun comes into her windows). We’re keeping the dark blue accent door, and are sticking with Dulux Venetian Crystal 1 – a muddy black-blue that’s too dark for our walls, but gorgeous as an accent colour. So hopefully that’s her sorted.


As soon as we saw the stain samples in our reception room, we both separately thought ‘wow, blue would look really great with that’. So instead of using blue in our bedroom, we’re going blue downstairs and swapped from moody to a richer, vibrant colour – Little Greene Deep Space Blue. It’s a gorgeously rich blue, that will really pop with white detailing. A nod to classic navy, but without being too traditional.


Our hallway downstairs and upstairs, we’re going with Little Greene ‘Welcome’ (pale) a soft polished stone colour that we’ll carry into the guest room for continuity. It doesn’t look it here, but in person the colour has a lovely grey undertone that makes it really soft but without being cold.

Welcome 109

And our bedroom, we think we’ve settled on Little Greene Mid Lead but have to test it in the light tomorrow. We love how it looks in the reception room, but think it will make a very relaxing bedroom.


We were originally focusing on Farrow & Ball colours, but at the paint store today I had a look at Little Greene and really loved their range. I used them when we refinished Freja’s dresser and the paint is really lovely and thick. Their tiny tester pots are much easier than asking the guys to mix a load of different colours, and you can see the different hues through the glass – like looking at nail polish (sold. And this is not sponsored – just a girl loving her paint companies).


I know it seems a bit dark, but with the light floors and white ceilings and trim, we think it will err on the right side of industrial-cozy and not cave-like. Plus with art, drapes, lights and furniture still to sort we’re sure we can balance it out.

What do you think – would love to hear! Hope everyone is having a good week. x


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