Open Shelving in Kitchens

I absolutely love the clean look of open shelving in kitchens. Like this:

Photo Courtesy of Smitten Studio:
Photo Courtesy of Smitten Studio:

It makes the space feel open, casual and cozy. A bit like a little holiday cabin. Instead of heavy cabinetry, it’s a great chance to show off all the fun mugs and plates that you’ve collected. I can imagine rearranging the shelves as an easy way to give a different feel to the room. And I can also imagine buying a few more ‘fun’ kitchen items, just to jazz things up a bit and add some colour to the room.

But I then find myself wondering about practicality. With all the cooking, washing, eating, drinking, and general living that happens in kitchens – how clean do your dishes stay when they’re this exposed? And what happens when your pans develop the ‘not so new’ look? Is it better to be able to hide them away when they’re not in use?

What do you guys think – do you have open shelving in your kitchen? Are you thinking about trying it? I would love to hear!



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