Cubit Shelving

I promised a house update but with it getting dark so early, it’s impossible to get home in time to snap some decent photos.  Instead, I thought I’d share a fun storage find we stumbled across last night. (Never did I ever think I’d say the words ‘fun’ and ‘storage’ together – but this really does qualify)

Liam and I are trying to work out how to add storage to a few of our rooms that won’t take up too much space and will also feel like a cool piece of furniture. Ideally it would be modular as well, so that it can expand with us when we decide to move to our next home.

Our original plan for the back room was to invest in some String Shelving.

String Shelving
String Shelving

I love the clean white lines, the minimalist aesthetic, the mix of options (shelf, cabinet, drawer) and the fact that it can be custom-built to suit any space. With a fixed water pipe to work around in our spare room, this was my best solution for making use of what will otherwise be a dead wall.

String is still a possibility, but now we’re also looking at these clever guys over at Cubit:

Cubit Shelving - Photo courtesy of Design Wagen
Cubit Shelving – Photo courtesy of Design Wagen

With 25 different units all designed to fit together, it’s practically impossible not to create exactly what you need. And half the fun is thinking about the shape you want  – either straight and classic or more of a messy jumble (which we love). The unit ‘configurator’ on their website is easy to play around with, and shows you exactly what your combination will cost.  Plus their descriptions make it very straightforward to imagine just what each cubby would be good for (eg. ‘For very large books and atlases) We’re looking at a tall skinny one for our bedroom, and a larger solution for the spare room. If you’re a bit of a voyeurist or just want some inspiration, have a look through the customers’ galleries. There are some really great ideas to browse, which definitely encouraged me to be more creative with our selection. Including this, which made my day a whole lot better when I saw it:


If you’ve got some other suggestions, send them my way. We’ll keep you posted on what we decide. In the meantime, wishing everyone a productive Monday.


1 thought on “Cubit Shelving

  1. I like the idea of a jumbled look, especially because of the different depths.

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