Carine Roitfeld Irreverent

I’m a sucker for a big, beautiful book. And an even bigger sucker for one with amazing photography and fashion. If the book also features one of my favourite creative minds, well then I’m definitely sold. So when I was in Selfridges the other week and discovered Irreverent by Carine Roitfeld, it was a must buy.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

Filled with stunning photos, snippets of interviews, her opinions on creativity, fashion, design, culture and life in general, it’s easy to get lost in this book for minutes, or hours. I love flipping through for texture, colour, pattern, and even conceptual ideas. After all the world of fashion has always influenced the world of interiors (and vice versa). If I ever have a big beautiful dressing room, this will sit by my dressing table for a daily dose of inspiration. In the meantime, it’s living at work. Maybe someday it will come home and live on the coffee table. Or in my also-fictional study. A girl can dream.

Any other coffee table books that you’re in love with? In this digital age with so many design and fashion blogs, are coffee table books more special or less? I know one stylish girl state-side whose entire Christmas list includes these big, gorgeous things. Hope Santa is good to her this year – and that he’s got some strong elves to help him! 🙂


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