The Weekly Crave: Heavenly Hammocks

Chalk it up to my craving for as much fresh mango and pineapple as I can eat, but suddenly I’m really loving the idea of a week in the tropical sun with a really good book. Because we’re having our kitchen completely gutted and overhauled before the baby arrives, we’ll be doing lots of staycations instead. Which has me seriously lusting after a good place to hang one of these gorgeous hammocks. Cue funny Instagram video of me attempting to get into one of these later this summer with a 30 week bump, but a girl can dream.

When I was a child, we had one that came out every so often in the summer. It had its own green frame, and the fabric was green with white stripes. I remember laying in it, looking up at the clouds and feeling the wind run over me. Sometimes I’d only spend ten minutes in it – other times I would read or play with my toys in it, but the novelty was all the fun. When I was a teenager, we replaced the hammock with a hang glider on our patio, which was great for lying down in and rocking after a long day outdoors. I’m hoping next summer, with the house completed we’ll be able to turn our attention to our seriously sad garden out back. I would love for our little girl to have a nice, calm place to play (and for me to have a relaxing place to sit while I watch her!).

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To see the original photos, just head over to my Pinterest page by clicking on the images above, or here. Wishing everyone a gorgeously sunny and relaxing first weekend in June! Hope you all get some time to enjoy the outdoors. x


1 thought on “The Weekly Crave: Heavenly Hammocks

  1. It was so easy to sleep in the swing with the breeze blowing and the dappled sun of the patio.

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