Outline Editions

Liam and I suddenly have a lot of wall space to fill. I know myself, and I won’t feel like this place is really our home until we’ve got some more art up on the walls. With a limited budget but a desire for unique and interesting pieces, I’ve been hunting around for some prints to mix with some of my photography. Working in the design industry, I have a few graphic artists I already know about and like, so I started googling to see where I could buy their work, and it led me to Outline Editions.

Given how hard it can be to find good art, I thought I’d pass on the find. Pieces run from under £100 up to £700 for some of their more famous artists like Noma Bar. Definitely worth a browse! I’ve selected these three for our walls, and am looking forward to hanging them in our hallway. If you want to link straight to the artwork, just click on the photo below.

Bob Dylan by Noma Bar
Bob Dylan by Noma Bar
Up in the Air by Marion Deuchars
Up in the Air by Marion Deuchars
Swing by David Foldvari
Swing by David Foldvari

I’ve also included one of my other favourite artists at the moment – Anthony Burrill. I picked up a limited edition print of his when I heard him speak a few years ago, and would really like one more to go with it. I love his use of typography and also fully embrace the saying he’s selected for this series. Plus the texture is right up my street – strong but a bit worn in places.

'Work hard & be cool with the people' by Anthony Burrill
‘Work hard & be cool with the people’ by Anthony Burrill
 Any places you go when looking for interesting artwork? Send some suggestions my way!

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