Eleanor Pritchard Textiles

I love textiles, but often have trouble finding ones that suit my tastes. I’m not into floral patterns or too many stripes, but prefer more graphic prints – especially if they have a bit of texture. So when we were walking around Design Junction last weekend and I stumbled into Eleanor Pritchard’s stand, I was one happy puppy.

Eleanor Pritchard

Eleanor’s patterns and colours are inspired by mid-century design and graphics, but she’s reinterpreted them so they feel fresh and contemporary. Everything is made in the UK – either at a small traditional mill in West Wales, or up in Scotland. The quality is stellar.

I’m drawn to the detailing and texture, as well as the vast palette of greys she uses with very clever pops of colour. Liam and I completely fell for this chair, which was restored and reupholstered in Rowridge, one of the nine designs in her brand new ‘Aerial’ line. In my humble opinion, it’s pretty much perfect.


I am also seriously lusting after her blankets and cushions – especially the zingy orange and mustard yellows, which feel perfectly modern-vintage.

Eleanor Pritchard Eleanor Pritchard Eleanor Pritchard

Head over to her website to learn more about her and her work (http://www.eleanorpritchard.com/htm). You can also buy items directly from her e-shop. I’ll certainly be investing in a few things once we’re settled in the new home! After all, our new bed certainly needs a new blanket.


2 thoughts on “Eleanor Pritchard Textiles

  1. I also love the blacks and mustards.

    1. Are those colours that you use often, or are you starting to think about how to work them into a home?

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