Stunning Lighting by Bocci, Exclusively for Heal’s

Yesterday I ventured into Heal’s to check out the latest progress on the renovation of their flagship store. Heal’s is my Tiffany; I can easily get lost in the shop for hours. For those of you who are not familiar with the name, it’s a British retailer first established in 1810. They are constantly looking for the latest and greatest upcoming talent. But it’s not just about what’s new; there are plenty of classics mixed into the catalogue, many of which were first sold at Heal’s. If you want an amazing piece for your home, this is where you go. Or at least, it’s where I go.

The official unveiling of the new shop isn’t until London Design Week, but when I heard the new Lighting Showroom was finished, I wanted to see it without millions of other people around taking photographs. I’m glad I did.

Tucked away at the back of the new Lighting Showroom is an original spiral staircase, completed in 1917 by Cecil Brewer. This staircase is a beautiful feature that dances its way through all five floors of the shop, and deserves every bit of attention it’s been given. At the centre of the staircase, the team have installed a custom-built chandelier created by Bocci, a contemporary design studio who are exploring new forms and structures in lighting. I love the way they’re working with glass, and their reinterpretations of classic concepts.

For this staircase, they’ve created a piece that gently tumbles from the top floor to the basement, with 65 glass globes suspended at varying heights on micro-thin wires.

Bocci Chandelier Bocci Chandelier Bocci Chandelier

Each globe glows like a candle, and gives a lovely soft light to the space. The suspending wires disappear into the background and it looks as if the lights are floating through the air. As you walk up and down the stairs, the piece changes, drawing your attention to its subtle craftsmanship and engineering.

The top of the chandelier is a piece of art in itself.

Bocci Chandelier

A carefully balanced set of slim arms, each perfectly adjusted to give the right shape and flow to the piece. It reminds me of puppetry; a show quietly orchestrated by a master from above.

The piece brings together some lovely contrasts; it’s balanced without being symmetrical, and organic whilst showcasing the very best of modern engineering. If you’re a lover of design, it’s absolutely worth a visit. And if you’re interested, they will create custom pieces for your home as well. Just visit the website here or stop by the shop for more information.


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