Alberto Alessi: Living on the line

I was lucky enough yesterday to be able to head to Design Junction, where Alberto Alessi was speaking. He spent much of the time sharing the ‘catastrophes’ of his career with us, which was hugely entertaining and also incredibly informative. With my professional background in innovation, I love hearing about ‘failures’ as well as success stories. Many don’t realise the years of work that sit behind a lot of the products we take for granted in our every day lives. In fact, few projects succeed the first time, and oftentimes you need the ‘failures’ to help create the success stories. Or the ‘happy accidents’ that people discover along the way to making something.


For Alessi, he constantly pushes himself to live ‘on the line of what’s possible and what’s not’. Other companies and design houses will comfortably live in the the world of the possible without ever pushing the boundaries or breaking new ground. Neither approach is better than the other, but the truly breakthrough and memorable pieces of design and interiors are definitely more likely to come from a creative organisation that embraces the unknown.

Yesterday was great because it reminded me that even geniuses and highly revered designers still fail, and that failure is part of what keeps them changing and innovating. Nothing is irreparable, and often the lessons you learn along the way are more valuable than just following the norm. So I’ll leave everyone with that thought for the weekend, and a few of my current favourite Alessi designs. I’m always drawn to their things because of how they blend personality with functionality, sleek design and colour. To check out the website, just click on the photos below.

1 2 3 5
Next week I’ll be back with a series of features on my favourite new finds from London Design Festival. Wishing you all a relaxing couple of days! x


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